Helping a diverse range of companies meet their goals.

Having an agency who deeply understands your business, yet brings a wealth of cross-industry experience, is crucial for innovation and growth. They can leverage lessons learned from a wide array of sectors to identify unique solutions and opportunities, ensuring your business not only meets industry standards but sets new benchmarks.

Case Studies & Examples

Discover how JHF approaches complex marketing challenges through our curated selection of case studies and examples. Each story, while anonymized, represents real-world scenarios where our innovative strategies delivered tangible results for our clients. These case studies showcase the depth of our expertise and our commitment to driving success across a variety of industries.


Discover how our comprehensive suite of services, including SEO, SEM, and Analytics, propelled a cybersecurity firm to make significant inroads in the highly competitive tech landscape.

SaaS Platform

Learn how our targeted brand-building strategies and content marketing expertise enabled a burgeoning video conferencing startup to achieve international expansion into Japan.

Medical Devices

Explore the journey of a medical device company leveraging our full spectrum of services to achieve unprecedented growth with their groundbreaking technology.

Real Estate

See how a multinational real estate company mastered Local SEO with our guidance, becoming fiercely competitive in diverse city markets worldwide.

Mobile App

Uncover how our SEM-focused strategy created a consistent and reliable lead generation engine for a mobile app in a fiercely competitive niche.

Video Gaming

Dive into how our strategic business planning and content marketing initiatives drove significant sales of in-game currency for a video gaming company.

Our Services Are Customized For Your Specific Needs

Adopting a research-focused strategy ensures that decisions are made on a solid foundation of data, leading to measurable outcomes and a track record of success. This approach allows businesses to fine-tune their operations, target investments more effectively, and achieve sustainable growth through informed, evidence-based strategies.