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Essential Consulting

Essential Consulting offers targeted advice in SEO, SEM, and digital strategy, perfectly tailored for startups and freelancers seeking to enhance their online visibility and performance. This service acts as a critical support system, providing the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of the digital world efficiently and effectively. It’s the ideal solution for those in need of strategic guidance without the overhead of a full-scale agency partnership.

Best for Startups and Freelancers

Active Management

Active Management by JHF goes beyond advice, offering direct, hands-on management of your digital marketing activities, including page indexing and Google Ad campaigns. Leveraging our status as a certified Google Partner, we ensure your strategies are expertly executed to drive maximum results and enhance your digital footprint efficiently.

Best for Small to Medium Businesses

In-Person Programs and Training

JHF offers tailored in-person services and training, where we meet with clients or conduct training sessions on SEO, SEM, and digital marketing strategies. This face-to-face approach ensures personalized guidance and skill-building, ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding and effectiveness in the digital landscape.

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