Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, and Analytics

Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, and Analytics

Make sure your business has the visibility it needs to succeed online.

Our agency is quick, lean, and results-focused.

We’re focused on delivering actionable marketing strategies that incorporate the latest research and tactics to maximize your success.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO tailors your website to be the answer search engines crave, attracting organic traffic with relevant content and technical magic.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM fast-tracks your website to the top of search results, using targeted ads to grab attention for your brand.

Business Analytics

Business analytics deciphers the data whispers of SEO and SEM, revealing how to maximize your digital marketing ROI.

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Why Choose JHF?

We turn marketing challenges into opportunities for success, across industries as diverse as cybersecurity and restaurant marketing.

SEO and SEM results measured with the best analytics tools.

One of the greatest challenges for marketing teams is demonstrating the value generated through both their content and media spend.

We approach every strategy with this in mind so that teams know exactly where they are in the digital landscape.


We’re committed to actionable strategies with real results.

When you work with JHF, you’ll get an expert that is dedicated to the success of your company. We want to form a long-lasting relationship where you feel like you’re getting the absolute best in digital marketing strategy.


We’re inspired by creating with a combination of imagination and technology.

Any challenge can be an opportunity for your business to stand out or improve, whether you’re just getting started or trying to reach the next level in growth.

Research Focused Strategies

There is always something to learn about digital marketing. From keywords to memes, Internet trends and technology seems to change every day. We combine decades of experience with up-to-date knowledge to determine what your business needs to succeed.

We Love to Learn.

We believe it’s important to have a deep understanding of a business landscape.


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